Discover more about our London Ski & Snowboard Show Winter Sports Photography & Movie-Making Masterclass tutors, Dan Vojtech and Martin Privratsky, also known as Tomorrow Creatives.

Dan Vojtech

Czech photographer Dan Vojtech first became fascinated with photography at an early age when he found his father’s old film camera. As a skateboarding enthusiast, it became natural for him to start shooting the sport as well. In the first few years of experimenting with photography, he focused on creating black and white images.

When Dan began studying advertising photography at Thomas Bata University, he learned to shoot in the studio and started shooting for local magazines like Board and Dirtbiker.

Dan is based in Prague, but works all over the world shooting action sports and lifestyle, along with fashion, editorial and commercials. He loves clean pictures, geometric compositions, colours, hard light and conceptual shoots. Dan shoots with a Nikon D810 and D750.

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Martin Privratsky

 A director and producer, Martin is also from the Czech Republic, and started out making music videos for bands like Vypsana fixa, plus TV shows about lifestyle and extreme sports for the local broadcaster, Music TV. Martin’s first film was a documentary about BMX riders on a trip to Germany, ‘Berlin Trip 07’. He has created viral videos and advertising for Skoda Autos, Nikon, Author and Red Bull and his 2012 debut feature film, ‘Tomorrow Will Be Better’ documents the life of FIM freestyle motocross world champion, Libor Podmol. His latest documentary is a film about life in Los Angeles, entitled ‘LA People’. Martin is a big fan of the Nikon D750.

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