Ski & Snow Photography TIPS & TRICKS

Winter Landscapes Tip 1

Choose the DSLR Beach/Snow Scene Mode or COOLPIX Snow Scene Mode and the camera settings will be optimised for you automatically.

Winter Landscapes Tip 2

Switch on VR (vibration reduction) on your lens to help stabilise your camera.

Winter Landscapes Tip 3

Use a wide-angle lens to capture the full scene, but also zoom in on some landmarks as well, for variety in your images.

Winter Landscapes Tip 4

For better composition, make sure the horizon is either one third below or above the middle of the frame.

Winter Landscapes Tip 5

If you’re shooting portraits when the weather is bright and sunny, use flash to fill in light around your subject’s face.

Winter Landscapes Tip 6

Take advantage of the light at sunrise and sunset, which has softer shadows, revealing more details.

Winter Sports Tip 1

Choose the Sports Scene Mode on your DSLR or COOLPIX and your camera will automatically optimise its settings.

Winter Sports Tip 2

Use continuous high-speed shooting to capture fast-moving action, so you’ll never miss a decisive moment.

Winter Sports Tip 3

Switch off VR (vibration reduction) on your lens for better results when shooting fast action images.

Winter Sports Tip 4

Keep backgrounds clear by avoiding chairlift cables or signposts. The sky or a distant line of trees will make a better background.

Winter Sports Tip 5

Use your zoom to get up close to your subject, rather than moving yourself into position and standing too close to the action.

Winter Sports Tip 6

For the best light, try to position yourself so that the sun is over your left or right shoulder.

Winter Sports Tip 7

Avoid taking action shots when the sun is low in the sky – normally before 10am or after 4pm. Those times are better for landscape shots.

Ski Lift Selfies Tip 1

If your camera has a vari-angle screen, selfies are made easy by swivelling the screen around to face you.

Ski Lift Selfies Tip 2

Whichever camera you use, stabilise your arm on the safety rail and wrap the camera strap tightly around your wrist to keep your camera steady.

Ski Lift Selfies Tip 3

Be still as you smile, and wait for the chairlift pylon to pass behind you before clicking the shutter continuously or using burst mode.

Ski Lift Selfies Tip 4

If you capture several trees in the background of your shot, they will blur and make it look like you’re moving quite quickly.