Nikon Professional Services (NPS) supported its professional accredited photographers from all over the world with a dedicated support depot, where photography equipment was loaned and professional photography equipment could be checked or cleaned.

With expert repair technicians on hand, photographers could have their equipment checked and cleaned free of charge. NPS members could also take advantage of professional camera equipment loans.

NPS technical support representatives were also be available for advice on networking, remote camera installations, and camera settings to ensure that photographers had all angles covered.

About NPS

Nikon Professional Services (NPS) is designed solely to assist those who earn their living using Nikon equipment. This worldwide service is available to any qualified professionals in a wide variety of photographic disciplines, including movie productions shot with Nikon equipment.

The three main goals of NPS are to keep NPS members shooting, to treat every member fairly, and to understand each member as an individual with his or her own specific set of needs. The face-to-face relationship between members and staff is critical, because that’s what enables NPS to deliver informed and personalized support in a quick and timely manner.

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